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When it comes to differentials, most mechanics do not like working on them. Finding a good differential repair shop means finding a competent specialist. The mechanics at C&M Transmissions in Patterson, CA like working on differentials. We specialize in reliable differential repair services.

The differential is a gearbox located between the wheels that enables them to turn at different speeds. Four-wheel drive vehicles have a differential in the front and back, while rear-wheel drive vehicles have a differential in the back. In a front-wheel drive vehicle, the differential is the transaxle that functions as a front axle and a transmission.

Four-wheel drive vehicles also have a transfer case between the front and back wheels that makes adjustments for speed differences between the front and back wheels. Over time, high temperatures turn the lubricating fluid in the differential into a gummy consistency that does not lubricate the gears properly. Visit our auto shop so we can check to see if the fluid needs to be replaced to avoid premature wear of the gears inside the differential.

Our differential maintenance and repairs include:

• Fluid Replacement
• Ring and Pinion Gear Set Replacement
• Standard or Open Differential Service and Repairs
• Limited-Slip Differential Service and Repairs
• Locking Differentials and Spools
• Differential Internal Gears and Parts
• Differential Bearings and Seals
• Axle Shafts, Bearings and Seals
• Differential Yokes

If you have a more serious issue, you will hear a noise if there is a differential problem. Depending on the symptoms, driving without a needed repair may cause further damage. Do not wait. Bring your vehicle to C&M Transmissions and let us evaluate your problem. For trustworthy and professional differential repair services, C&M Transmissions in Patterson, CA is the answer!

Call C&M to determine whether you need to bring your vehicle immediately for repair at our differential repair shop in Patterson, CA.

Otherwise, contact us online to set up an appointment today.

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