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The transmission system in your vehicle enables you to change its gears. If you have a standard transmission, you manually shift gears; but, if your vehicle has an automatic transmission, it shifts gear by itself. No matter what type of transmission your vehicle has, C&M Transmissions can service or repair it for you in Patterson, CA. Our transmission repair services are well known.

Automatic transmissions are computer-controlled and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Almost all vehicles have at least four gears. Five or six gears are common; and manufacturers continue to add more gears. Additional gears increase performance and improve MPG. However, more gears mean more parts and a more complex system. As a result, transmission systems require proper care and regular maintenance.

Initially most transmission problems are minor; however, minor issues can develop into problems that are more serious when warning signs are ignored. If you suspect that your transmission is failing, bring your vehicle to the leading transmission repair shop in the area. Every transmission mechanic at our transmission shop is a transmission specialist who can identify the problem and offer an affordable solution.

When you bring your vehicle to C&M Transmissions, our expert mechanics will evaluate and service what you need. You can depend on our expertise and our commitment to resolving your transmission repair problem.

We service vehicles for optimal drive performance of:

• Front Wheel Drive
• Four Wheel Drive
• And Automatic Overdrive Vehicles

We will help you make the most suitable decision based on your budget and your transmission problem. Our services include quality repair and replacement options. Our policy is to provide affordable repair and replacement options that stand the test of time.

Let us save you money!

Bring your vehicle to C&M Transmissions in Patterson, CA for a timely transmission repair service.

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